3 Good Under-the-Radar Dividend Stock Funds

Russel Kinnel: Many of the top funds for dividends live in the large-value category and have names like “equity[1]-income.” But there are actually places where you can find good funds with a decent yield outside of that area. When you look for a good dividend fund, remember not to put[3] the cart before the horse. You need a well-run strategy with low costs and strong return potential. If you narrow your search to funds that pass those tests, then it’s OK to start looking for a decent yield. And you’ll find some good ones outside of large value.

Vanguard index funds often have attractive yields because a portfolio’s yield has to pay off a fund’s expenses first before you get the income. With super low fees, Vanguard index funds naturally have plenty of income left for the investor. Consider Gold-rated Vanguard Small Cap[2] Value Index. It charges only 7 basis points, leaving a yield of about 1.75% for you.

Another interesting option is Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure. Infrastructure stocks often have a good yield, and Lazard has proven a savvy investor in that space. The fund currently has a robust yield, but I should note that the fund’s yield has bounced around a lot as management sometimes favors lower-dividend names and sometimes higher-dividend stocks.

Emerging markets also have some decent dividends when you buy stocks in more-staid industries. I like Silver-rated Matthews Asia Dividend. The fund has a modest yield of around 1%, but that dividend discipline also serves to moderate risk in a category where results can be pretty extreme. Learn more about these funds.

Vanguard Small Cap Value Index Admiral https://www.morningstar.com/funds/xna…
Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure Open
Matthews Asia Dividend Investor

Termes et définitions
1. equity. Equity est un terme qui désigne une forme d’investissement à long terme dans une entreprise. Lorsqu’un investisseur achète…
2. Small Cap. Small cap est l’abréviation de “small capitalization”. Autrement dit, c’est un terme utilisé pour désigner des entreprises dont…
3. put. Le “put de la Fed” n’est pas un instrument financier réel, mais plutôt une expression utilisée pour décrire…

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