A risk of recession in 2023? Economic and Financial Outlook

Will the Fed manage to curb inflation without driving the US economy into recession? Will the Eurozone be able to resist the massive exogenous shock of the energy crisis? Will China manage to restore its growth in the face of the double shock of the zero-covid policy and the slowdown in the property market? These three questions make the macroeconomic environment particularly uncertain. Given these uncertainties, what strategy should we adopt in terms of asset allocation?

Matthieu Grouès, Managing Director, Head of Institutional Management and Julien-Pierre Nouen, Managing Director, Director of Economic Research and Diversified Management, provide some answers in this video.

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Gay-Lussac Microcaps A FR0010544791 Actions Euro. Smallcaps -1.24 %
Pictet – Clean Energy (P) LU0280435388 Actions techno. 4.46 %
Auris Euro Rendement R EUR Acc LU1599120273 Obligations Europe 0.47 %
Ofi Invest ISR Valeurs Euro IC FR0007045604 Actions Zone Euro 4.85 %
Invesco Euro Equity Fund A Dist LU1240328903 Actions Zone Euro -1.85 %
ODDO BHF Metropole Euro SRI A FR0010632364 Actions Zone Euro 2.77 %
Amundi Funds Euroland Equity R Eur LU1883305846 Actions Zone Euro 3.86 %
Lazard Actions Euro IC FR0010259945 Actions Zone Euro 6.27 %
DNCA Opportunités Zone Euro C FR0012316180 Actions Zone Euro 1.15 %
Echiquier Value Euro A FR0011360700 Actions Zone Euro 0.10 %
Goldman Sachs Eurozone Equity Income R EUR Cap LU1273028123 Actions Zone Euro 3.56 %
R-co Conviction Equity Value Euro C Eur FR0010187898 Actions Zone Euro 0.02 %
Sycomore Fund Sustainable Tech RC EUR LU2181906426 Actions techno. 19.19 %
ODDO BHF Artificial Intllgnc CR-EUR LU1919842267 Actions techno. 11.41 %
CPR Invest Glbl Dsrpt Opp A EUR Acc LU1530899142 Actions techno. 12.95 %
BGF Next Generation Technology A2 EUR H LU1861216510 Actions techno. 11.18 %
EdR SICAV Tech Impact A EUR FR0013488244 Actions techno. 6.10 %
Janus Henderson Glb Tech&Inno A2 HEUR IE0002167009 Actions techno. 15.03 %
Tocqueville Global Tech ISR C FR0013529914 Actions techno. 18.12 %
Allianz Cyber Security WT H2 EUR Acc LU2357305882 Actions techno. 9.04 %
Echiquier Artificial Intelligence B EUR LU1819480192 Actions techno. 14.20 %
Mélanion BTC Equities Universe UCITS ETF EUR FR0014002IH8 Cryptos -0.47 %
TOBAM Bitcoin CO2 Offset Fund A1 FR0013293859 Cryptos 46.83 %
La Française Carbon Impct Flt Rt TC USDH FR001400D724 Obligations Europe 1.56 %
Carmignac Pf Flexible Bond A USD Acc H LU0807689749 Obligations Europe 1.01 %
Income Euro Selection P FR0010363648 Obligations Europe 1.85 %
Ostrum Euro ABS Opportunities I(C) EUR FR0010286195 Obligations Europe 1.66 %
DNCA Invest Credit Conviction N EUR LU1234712617 Obligations Europe 1.67 %
Hottinguer Oblig C FR0010269803 Obligations Europe 1.68 %
Ecofi Taux Variable C FR0011045137 Obligations Europe 1.33 %
Octo Crédit Value C FR0013192622 Obligations Europe 1.25 %
GS European ABS – I Cap EUR LU1900228542 Obligations Europe 2.13 %
AAF-Putnam US ESG Eqs REUR LU2546367892 Actions US 15.04 %
Neuberger Berman US Eq I USD Acc IE00BD34ZN73 Actions US 9.45 %
Comgest Growth America I USD Acc IE00B44DJL65 Actions US 8.54 %
Mansartis Amérique ISR G FR0014002LD1 Actions US 13.06 %
Artemis US Select I EUR Acc LU1846577754 Actions US 15.83 %
Liberté Amérique FR0007391826 Actions US 12.54 %
Amplegest Pricing Power US IC FR0011382233 Actions US 12.29 %
ODDO BHF Algo Trend US CR-EUR LU1833929729 Actions US 16.48 %
JPM US Select Equity Plus A (acc) EUR LU0281483569 Actions US 12.53 %
Claresco USA LU1379103812 Actions US 9.32 %
Pictet Digital P EUR Acc LU0340554913 Actions techno. 15.31 %
Pictet – Global Envir Opps P EUR LU0503631714 Actions Climat 6.76 %
Sofidy Sélection 1 P FR0011694256 Actions Immobilier -7.50 %
Amundi Actions Foncier P C FR0010716332 Actions Immobilier -9.34 %
SG Actions Immobilier D FR0010284539 Actions Immobilier -9.44 %
Oddo BHF Immobilier CR-EUR FR0000989915 Actions Immobilier -11.37 %
Dorval Manageurs Small Cap Euro RC FR0011645621 Actions Euro. Smallcaps -5.34 %
Quadrige Europe Midcaps C FR0013072097 Actions Euro. Smallcaps -1.85 %
Gay-Lussac Microcaps Europe P LU2022049022 Actions Euro. Smallcaps 0.11 %
Tocqueville Small Cap Euro ISR C FR0010546903 Actions Euro. Smallcaps 1.23 %
Lazard Small Caps Euro SRI I FR0000174310 Actions Euro. Smallcaps 0.02 %
Portzamparc Europe PME ISR C FR0010426072 Actions Euro. Smallcaps -0.29 %
Sextant PME A FR0010547869 Actions Euro. Smallcaps -2.49 %
BNP Paribas Actions PME ETI ISR C FR0013254380 Actions Euro. Smallcaps -3.90 %
Roche-Brune PME 2024 FR0014004CS4 Actions Euro. Smallcaps -1.77 %
LBPAM ISR Global Climate Change R FR0013343084 Actions Climat 11.06 %
MSIF Calvert Sus Dvlp Mk Eq Sl Fd A EUR LU2504490975 Actions Climat 8.18 %
Nordea 1 Global Climate & Envir BC-EUR LU0841586075 Actions Climat 6.84 %
Candriam Sus Eq Future Mob I EUR Acc LU2258563381 Actions Climat 6.16 %
Jupiter Global Eco Growth Class D EUR C LU0994733391 Actions Climat 4.92 %
UFF Impact Environnement ISR A FR0013446838 Actions Climat 7.06 %
AXA WF ACT Clean Economy A (H) EUR Acc LU1914342263 Actions Climat 6.67 %
SG Lyxor Actions Monde Enjeu Climat C FR0014000QG7 Actions Climat 6.73 %
Auris Investment Grade R Acc LU2309369606 Obligations Europe -0.07 %
H2O Europea EUR R FR0013410065 Actions Zone Euro 3.22 %
Lazard Actions Emergentes FR0010380675 Actions Émergents 2.81 %
Pictet-Emerging Markets LU0257359355 Actions Émergents 4.94 %
Amundi Actions Emergents P C FR0010188383 Actions Émergents 2.96 %
EdRF Strategic Emerging A EUR LU1103293855 Actions Émergents 2.54 %
Allianz Actions Emergentes C FR0007492749 Actions Émergents 7.35 %
LCL Actions Emergents C FR0000985061 Actions Émergents 3.17 %
Schroder ISF Em Mkts A Acc USD LU0106252389 Actions Émergents 1.23 %
AXA IM Global EM Eq QI B IE00B101K104 Actions Émergents 6.31 %
MDPS TOBAM AntiBench Emerg Mkts Eq A1 LU1067853843 Actions Émergents 3.92 %
CPR Invest Global Resources A EUR Acc LU1989769036 Actions Matières Premières -2.57 %
SG Actions Energie C C FR0000423147 Actions Matières Premières -2.49 %
Etoile Matières Premières C FR0013210887 Actions Matières Premières -2.69 %
Finaltis Funds – Gold EUR LU0323243989 Actions Matières Premières -12.57 %
Ofi Invest Precious Metals R FR0011170182 Actions Matières Premières -5.85 %
Invesco Gold & Special Mirls E EUR Acc LU0503253931 Actions Matières Premières -8.92 %
Janus Henderson Hrzn Rspnb Res A2 EUR LU1073139583 Actions Matières Premières -2.58 %
MC Prestige Or FR0010361600 Actions Matières Premières -8.70 %
Lonvia Avenir Small Cap Europe Retail LU2240057096 Actions Euro. Smallcaps 0.27 %

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Talking heads – Focusing on the positives for Chinese equities

Talking heads – Focusing on the positives for Chinese equities

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