Yves Choueifaty

Yves Choueifaty

President and CIO of TOBAM

TOBAM has been multi-awarded over the years, and Yves Choueifaty has notably been recognized as “Chief Investment Officer of the Year” in 2015 (Funds Europe) and “Asset Management Leader of the Year” in France in 2016 (AGEFI).

As one of the pioneers of the smart beta movement, Yves Choueifaty is a frequent speaker at conferences and is a member of The 300 Club (23 members throughout the world), whose mission is to raise awareness about the potential impact of current market thinking and behaviors.
Mr Choueifaty graduated in 1992 from ENSAE (leading French Engineering School) in Statistics, Actuarial studies, Finance, and Artificial Intelligence.

Mathematician and Former CEO of Credit Lyonnais Asset Management (“CLAM”, AUM €70B). Having spent over 10 years with CLAM in diverse senior roles (CIO, Head of Financial Engineering and Quantitative Investment Management), Mr Choueifaty left in 2004, went back to Mathematics research and founded the Maximum Diversification® approach and TOBAM in 2005.

Mr Choueifaty is also a committed entrepreneur on human rights and climate change challenges. He has several external commitments: he is the president of the advisory board of WeNow, a “climate neutral now” champion endorsed by the United Nations. He is also a board member of the Saint-Joseph University foundation in Lebanon, a board member of the RDCL (Association of Lebanese businessmen and women united by a common vision for the Lebanese economy), and Yves Choueifaty is a member of the Finance Committee and of the Paris Committee of Human Rights Watch since 2019.


TOBAM is a research driven asset manager with over 40% of its team involved in portfolio management and research.

TOBAM’s mission is to provide rational and professional solutions to long term investors in the context of efficient (i.e. unforecastable) markets.

The Maximum Diversification® approach, tobam’s flagship investment process founded in 2006, is supported by original, patented research and a mathematical definition of diversification and provides clients with diversified core exposure, in both the equity and fixed income markets. TOBAM is one of the few asset managers in the world to have its investment process recognized and patented by international jurisdictions (US, Japan, Australia, and Canada).

In line with its mission statement and commitment to diversification, TOBAM also launched a separate activity on cryptocurrencies in 2017, that has significantly expanded over the years.