Episode 36: Championing Health Innovation – Found In Conversation Podcast

Will humankind be able to detect cancers long before it affects one’s health? From telemedicine to wearable devices, and artificial intelligence to genomics, the health space is buzzing with exciting developments that promise to improve outcomes and quality of life across the globe.

Championing the future of health innovation, join us for this episode of our Found In Conversation podcast as we bring together Professor of Health Sciences, Technology and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sangeeta Bhatia, Senior Investment Manager at Pictet Asset Management, Lydia Haueter, CFA, and Principal Private Equity[1] Thematic Health at Pictet Alternative Advisors, David Braga Malta, to explore the innovative technologies and investment opportunities shaping the biotech and health industries. This episode is moderated by Equity[2] Partner at Pictet Group, Hubertus Kuelps.

Termes et définitions
1. Private equity ( Private Equity ) Le Private equity est un type de financement qui consiste à investir de l’argent dans des entreprises non…
2. Equity ( Equity ) Equity est un terme qui désigne une forme d’investissement à long terme dans une entreprise. Lorsqu’un investisseur achète…
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