Talking heads – ESG investing and the role of the ‘S’ in company performance

Investing with a view to a sustainable future has often focused on environmental and governance issues – the ‘E’ and ‘G’ of ESG. However, the path towards a more inclusive society means social factors should be considered more actively as well, argues Delphine Riou, ESG analyst and Inclusive Growth lead, as she points out the significance of the ‘S’ for social in achieving sustainable corporate performance. 

Listen to this edition of Talking heads as Delphine discusses the growing appreciation of these social factors with chief market strategist Daniel Morris. Rather than a focus on solutions, she highlights the relevance of assessing company practices, i.e. how a company interacts with stakeholders such as employees, consumers, suppliers and society. She argues that doing well in areas such as workforce relations and worker education benefits a company’s long-run financial performance.
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