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The currency war goes digital

The digitization of payments is a bold trend and it is in particular to support this digitization that central banks are working on the implementation of their Central Bank Digital Currencies (the CBDCs). Central banks are accelerating on these projects and it seems likely that there will be a digital currency war in the coming years.
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Trading | La revue de presse économique et financière

Rebound of the epidemic in Europe

A bit like a déjà vu.… In the last few weeks, a strong rebound of contagions in Europe has been observed. Between the low point at the end of September and mid-November, the incidence has quadrupled. This has led a growing number of countries to tighten restrictions, including strict lockdowns in Austria and the introduction of a curfew for bars and restaurants in the Netherlands. How can we explain this rebound of the epidemic in Europe when two out of three Europeans are vaccinated?